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The 40 Best Companies For Diversity

of business: Financial Services. Diversity Contact: Emmanuel Bailey, VP & Chief Diversity Officer. Nearly two years after the departure of CEO Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae still scores well in several diversity areas. Minorities make up more than 45% of the company’s workforce (24% are African American). In addition, 43 of its 203 corporate officers are minorities (31 are African American). These numbers underscore the financial services giant’s commitment to diversity. Fannie Mae also boasts six African American senior managers (12% of its total) and one African American director on its 12-member board.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 1 Star
STRENGTHS: Supplier Diversity, Senior Management, Employee Base

FORD MOTOR CO. Location: Dearborn, MI. Type of Business: Automotive. Diversity Contact: Rosalind Cox, Director, Diversity & Worklife Office. Ford Motor Co. has established itself as one of the first companies to reflect the multicultural face of the country. Recognizin
g that fostering a culture of inclusion is central to attaining the company’s business objectives and creating high-performance teams, the auto giant has assembled a labor force made up of roughly 25% minorities (18.4% are African American). Ford’s commitment also extends to the upper stratum of management: 36 of its 212 senior managers are minorities, of which 20 are black. Among them is Darryl B. Hazel, senior vice president of Ford Motor Co. and president of Ford’s Customer Service Division, who was named the 2005 BE Corporate Executive of the Year.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 5 Stars
STRENGTHS: Senior Management

GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. Location: Fairfield, CT. Type of Business: Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Entertainment. Diversity Contact: Steven Howery, Program Manager, Diversity. From jet engines to financial services, General Electric Co. is a leader in transforming imaginative ideas into valuable products and services. With assets of approximately $500 billion, GE Capital serves customers in 47 countries. GE’s diversity commitment is interwoven throughout the entire fabric of the company’s culture. The U.S. workforce is composed of nearly 40,000 minorities, 15,764 of whom are black. African American board members are James Cash Jr., also a director at Microsoft Corp. and Ann Fudge, chairwoman and CEO of Young & Rubicam Brands and a member of BE’S list of the Most Powerful Women in Business.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 2 Stars
STRENGTHS: Board of Directors

GENERAL MOTORS Location: Detroit. Type of Business: Automotive. Diversity Contact: Roderick D. Gullum, VP, Corporate Responsibility & Diversity. With a U.S. employee base of more than 148,500 (nearly 28,000 black) the world’s largest automaker not only focuses on cars but also develops initiatives to diversify the industry. Although it reports closing one minority-owned dealership in 2005, General Motors contends the number of black suppliers remains “fairly stable.” Minority suppliers account for $3.6 billion (Tier 1) and $2.2 billion (Tier 2) of GM’s total spending for suppliers/vendors. Its Women’s Retail Initiative aggressively recruits and assists women in becoming auto dealers. Almost all of GM’s female dealers own their own dealerships, and are as profitable as GM’s male dealers.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 5 Stars
STRENGTHS: Supplier Diversity

IBM CORP. Location: Armonk, NY. Type of Business: Information Technology. Diversity Contact: Ted Childs, VP,