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The 40 Best Companies For Diversity

is 10.3% percent, slightly exceeding its mandate. Kodak now expects domestic purchasing with minority-owned businesses and women-owned enterprises to grow to 11.5% and 12%, respectively, by 2008.
As part of that goal, the company pla
ns to bolster its relationships with its current roster of minority suppliers. “Through a concerted effort to build new relationships with women and minority suppliers, we increased spending by more than 200%,” maintains Joyce Wichie, director of Supplier Diversity, Worldwide Purchasing. “Supplier diversity is part of Kodak’s overall diversity initiative, and we have set new increased-spending goals for supplier diversity.”
In the workforce, Kodak’s Initiatives of the Global Diversity Office has helped create several employee networks for women, minorities, the gay and lesbian community, and veterans. — N.M.R.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 1 Star
STRENGTHS: Supplier Diversity, Board of Directors

CITIGROUP Location: New York. Type of Business: Financial Services. Diversity Contact: Susan Eng, Senior Analyst, Global Workforce Diversity. The largest commercial bank in the United States with $120.3 billion in revenues, Citigroup weighs in with three African Americans on its 17-member board. Diversity is also reflected in Citigroup’s workforce: The financial services giant has roughly 145,000 U.S. employees, 12.8% of whom are African American. Scoring high in minority business procurement, the bank spent an impressive $500.4 million with minority-owned companies in 2005, with almost half going to black suppliers.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 4 Stars
STRENGTHS: Supplier Diversity, Senior Management

THE COCA-COLA CO. Location: Atlanta. Type of Business: Beverage. Diversity Contact: Steve Bucherati, Director, Diversity & Workplace Fairness. When it comes to diversity, Coke is it. Of the company’s 8,917 U.S. employees, 3,015, or 33.8%, are minorities (1,824, or about 20%, is African American). The soft-drink giant has spent $164 million of its $4 billion in total procurement dollars with minorities — $84 million of which went to African American firms. According to Advertising Age, the beverage company ranks No. 68 among the 100 Leading National Advertisers, allocating $540. 5 million for advertising and $379.4 million for media-related campaigns — with a significant portion of those dollars targeted to blacks and other minorities.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 4 Stars
STRENGTHS: Supplier Diversity, Senior Management

COMERICA INC. Location: Detroit. Type of business: Financial Services. Diversity Contact: Linda Forte, SVP. Comerica, one of the 25 largest financial institutions in the country with $56.4 billion in assets, banks on inclusion. In fact, its four-prong diversity commitment — workforce diversity, business outreach, community outreach, and school support — is critical to its business strategy. Minorities make up roughly 4,000, or 36%, of its 11,000-member workforce (2,440, or about 22%, is black). In terms of senior management representation, minorities hold 25 of the 284 positions. And of the 3,641 corporate officers, 726 are minorities — 336 are African American. Corporate spending amounted to about $107 million, with $17 million spent with minority suppliers.
Advertising Diversity Rating: 1 Star
STRENGTHS: Employee Base

CONSOLIDATED EDISON CO. OF NEW YORK INC. Location: New York. Type of Business: Utilities. Diversity Contact: Joan Jacobs, Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Affairs. A company that provides electricity, natural gas, and steam services for most of New York City and nearby Westchester