BE Modern Man Spotlights - The Ad Men: Meet Jeffrey Bowman
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[The Ad Men] Meet Jeffrey L. Bowman

Pic Title/Alt text: BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Ad Men - Jeffrey Bowman
Jeffrey Bowman, REFRAME: The Brand
BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Beat Ad Men - Jeffrey Bowman
Jeffrey Bowman, REFRAME: The Brand

During his career Bowman has been able to successfully tap into a bold and forward way of thinking, but one campaign stands out the most. “My favorite ad initiative is Visit Mum, a British Airways spot” Bowman tells BE Modern Man. “It was engagement I worked on while at Ogilvy & Mather leading the Cross-cultural practice. It captures the essence of telling human stories and not relying on ethnic barriers to build a brand.”

As we continue to push through these ethnic barriers, Bowman knows just how critical it is for the New Majority to be present in positions of leadership in the advertising and marketing space. “The presence is extremely important because everyone should be at the table when telling stories about the New Majority. Especially the New Majority,” says Bowman.

What exactly is this New Majority? Sometime around 2020, ethnic minorities will become the majority and over the next five years Bowman predicts the industry will look and go-to clients completely different. “This is why REFRAME:  is positioned a business accelerator versus an “agency”,” explains Bowman. “I think there is a debate happening in the industry. Today is less about advertising and more about marketing. Every brand is looking for growth and given how the advertising industry formed, there needs to be a re-evaluation or REFRAME: “ing” of how brands approach the Total Market.”

Jeffrey L. Bowman, a man who commands respect through thought leadership and creativity, earned his distinction with hard work and proven results. Breaking down barriers and communicating creatively with those in-and-out of his respective lane, Bowman is showing us in real-time how to define the outcomes on one’s own terms. As a BE Modern Man, he urges us to create value in our community, as well as building institutions that solve problems such as “wealth creation, education, securing communities, and healthcare.

The Black Enterprise team congratulates Jeffrey L. Bowman on his many successes and for having the foresight to launch REFRAME: The Brand. Your mission of breaking down existing barriers to create inclusive campaigns for the New Majority through performance and achievement frames us in an enthusiastic light, and is meant to be celebrated and appreciated!

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