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The Best Time To Buy A Car

Toyota have been known to offer additional incentives to meet yearly sales goals and targets.

So, holding off until the end of the month could pay off, unless you’re buying a popular or limited production vehicle, such as the 2007 Pontiac Solstice roadster, the 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, or the 2007 Lexus LS460.

To find the best deals, periodically scan the automotive sections of your weekend newspaper and compare prices. If you live in a rural community, consult your area’s nearest major metropolitan paper for the best car deals. Also, go online to read the “Autos Insider” section of the Detroit News ( for auto industry news and upcoming promotions. Check the site the first and last week of each month.
A savvy consumer can capitalize on the opportunity by looking for buzzwords like production cuts and falling sales.

To find the hottest-selling vehicles every month and their average selling price, pick up a copy of The Wall Street Journal on the second Thursday of every month and check out the “Hot Off the Lot” column. Because of the popularity of the vehicles listed in the WSJ, you may not have much room for negotiation off of the sticker price.
As with buying stocks or a home, there is no one thing that determines the best time to purchase a vehicle. However, there are a number of tools that can help you maximize your savings and remain in the driver’s seat. Shop around for the best deal and do your homework before making your next purchase. If dealers are offering great deals on their new vehicles, just imagine how much can be saved on a comparable pre-owned vehicle. Being patient could equal extra money in your pocket! As Judge Mab

lean Ephriam, formerly of Divorce Court, often said, “Look deep before y
ou leap.”

OLD VS. NEWGMC Yukon Denali All-Wheel-Drive Sport Utility

  2006 MSRP  2007 MSRP
Base Price $50,185 $47,990
Destination 875 875
Option Total 3,440 3,140
Total Price 54,500 52,005
Less Rebate -5,000 0
Dealer Discount -6,356 0*
March’s Negotiated Price $43,144 $52,005

*If the vehicle is an all-new body style and selling rapidly (as in the case of the 2007 Yukon Denali in March), the dealer may offer a slight discount or no discount at all. Pricing discounts on the 2007 Yukon Denali will vary based on consumer demand and the number of vehicles the dealer has in inventory.




  Jan 06  Feb 06  Mar 06  Apr 06  May 06  Jun 06  Jul 06
Total Industry $2,148 $2,334 $2,419 $2,135 $2,175 $2,574 $2,708
Entry SUV 1,618 1,904 2,059 1,877 1,870 2,270 2,235
Full-size SUV 5,562 4,807 4,367 3,538 3,023 3,725 4,683
Mid-size SUV 3,314 3,658 3,722 3,447 3,787 4,173 4,255
Compact Pickup 1,526 1,656 1,889 1,789 1,880