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The Black Enterprise Guide to The Best Of Everything


Best Full-Bodied Brand: Fuente Fuente Opusx: Arturo Fuente’s premier brand is also one of the hardest to find. Packed with flavor, and constructed from a bold, spicy blend of Dominican tobaccos, these cigars consistently rank among the finest in the world. (Ring gauge: 50, length: 51/5″;Box of 25: $428)

Best International Label: Davidoff Millennium Blend Robusto: With its deep brown wrapper and aromatic blend of Dominican tobaccos, the Millennium Blend is the most potent line offered by the cigar masters at Davidoff. Somewhere in the medium to full-bodied range, the well-crafted cigars continue to draw rave reviews. (Ring gauge: 50, length: 51/4″; Box of 25: $390)

Best Domestic Brand: Tatuaje Cabinet Noella: One of the few premium cigars manufactured in the U.S., they have become wildly popular worldwide for their Cubanesque flavor. Blended from various Nicaraguan tobaccos, these richly-flavored cigars are not for the beginner. (Ring gauge: 42, length: 51/8″; Box of 25: $180)

Best Desktop Humidor: Daniel Marshall: The best desktop humidor must not only appeal to the eye, but also properly care for its contents. This is something Daniel Marshall understands. With a lacquered ebony exterior, the Daniel Marshall Macassar Ebony 125 Cigar Humidor ($700) is a sure fit for any executive’s desk. Its Spanish cedar interior and self-regulating humidification system also make it a fine box for maintaining and aging your prized cigars.

Best Rum: 10 Cane: What makes 10 Cane Rum so smooth? The process. Unlike most rum, whi
ch is derived from molasses, this luxury white rum is made directly from the first pressing of Trinidadian sugar cane and then distilled in small batches in French pot stills. A luxurious sip at a reasonable price: $35.

Best Cognac: Martell Creation Grand Extra: Both its taste and design are rich and opulent, with the triple arch of the bottle crafted by French designer Serge Mansau. Its flavor is defined by a smooth, full-bodied combination of spice and fruitful notes. Martell’s Creation Grand Extra is the finest in a tradition of
cognac distillation.

Best Single Malt Scotch: Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist:
Its name means “shelter of the beast,” but Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist, even with smoky hints of flavor, has a creamier, sweeter taste than its name would suggest. Made from rare and finite whiskey stocks, its premium offering retails for $115.

Best Vodka: Ketel One: The first 100 gallons and the last 100 gallons in the distilling process of Ketel One are tossed out, believed to be too harsh or very weak. What’s left is an ultra smooth product that is best enjoyed neat, but defines texture for any mixed cocktail.

Best Brandy: Imoya: It could be considered among the best in Cognac, France, except Imoya is made in South Africa. Its rich flavor and texture, distilled in a French process from African soil, make it a modern offering to Old World brands.

Best Plasma TV: Panasonic: Last year, Panasonic released the mother of all televisions. With a full HD pixel resolution of 1,920 horizontal by