Green Economy: The Business Of Going Green

The Business of Green

some green practices into their corporate responsibility programs. That should be a wake-up call for entrepreneurs and job seekers. This trend has created the need for a green supply chain.” Of course, the key to maximizing the potential in this space is pursuing with purpose and intent relevant and adaptable business ventures. Add in undeniable consumer and government support for eco-friendly commerce, and it seems there’s no better time to go green. Howland, who also chairs the Social Venture Network, a community of socially responsible businesses, says, “If this is where the world is going and you’re thinking about staying in business, you’ve got to follow the money.”

Opportunities in the Green Economy

It’s not easy being green. But if you know which green job* is right for you, it can be. Here’s a snapshot of what’s out there.

Agriculture and Natural Resource Conservation

– Farm workers and laborers, crop, nursery, and greenhouse
– Landscaping and grounds keeping workers
– Production workers
– Environmental engineers
– Environmental scientists and specialists

Clean Transportation and Fuels
– Engineers
– Mechanical engineers
– Assemblers/fabricators
– Production workers
– Machinists

Energy Efficiency
– Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration
mechanics and installers
– Maintenance and repair workers, general
– Power plant operators
– Carpenters
– Sales representatives, services

Pollution Prevention and Environmental Cleanup

– Environmental scientists and specialists
– Civil engineers
– Environmental science and protection technicians
– Refuse and recyclable material collectors
– Engineering managers

Renewable Energy Production
– Chemical equipment operators and tenders
– Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration
mechanics and installers
– Electricians
– Machinists