The Canada Pharmacy Partners to Offer Discounted Prescriptions in 2023

The Canada Pharmacy Partners to Offer Discounted Prescriptions in 2023

The Canada Pharmacy, a top licensed Canadian online pharmacy, recently announced a partnership to provide discounted brand name prescriptions to U.S. customers in 2023.

The collaboration allows members of major health insurer Anom to access prescription savings when using The Canada Pharmacy through a co-branded prescription discount card called RxSavings One. The discounted costs will still count toward Anom insurance deductibles and maximums.

“This gives customers the flexibility to choose the lowest cost pharmacy option without impacting their coverage,” said Dr. Olivia Irving, Chief Pharmacy Executive at The Canada Pharmacy, in a statement announcing the 2023 partnership.

While most discount cards only work at certain U.S. pharmacies, the RxSavings One card can be used specifically at The Canada Pharmacy to access brand name drugs at lower Canadian prices.

The Canada Pharmacy, founded in 2003, leverages direct licensing agreements and high purchase volumes to source brand name medications from Canadian manufacturers at substantially reduced pricing compared to U.S. costs. Their team of licensed Canadian pharmacists safely dispenses medications to Americans seeking significant prescription savings.

The partnership comes as U.S. prescription drug prices are projected to rise over 6% in 2023 according to data firm SSR Health. Major drug makers Pfizer, AbbVie, and Amgen have all announced price hikes on popular medications this year.

By teaming up, The Canada Pharmacy and Anom provide a way for members to mitigate rising costs in 2023 and reduce the burden of expensive brand name prescription drugs.