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The Difference Is President Obama

post-recession economy. The bottom line: we must not allow our burgeoning sense of hope to boil over into–in the now immortal words of former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan–”irrational exuberance.” The battle cry that swept Obama into the White House was not “Yes, He Can”; it was “Yes, We Can.” The resurgence of America’s can-do attitude requires each and every one of us to carry it out. I again urge you to make the effort to help that friend, neighbor, laid-off co-worker, or family member in need of employment with a job referral or a recommendation. Go out of your way to direct your holiday spending to support those businesses, especially those owned by black entrepreneurs that provide jobs and economic vitality to our communities. Make outreach to the most vulnerable in our communities, including children and the elderly, part of your holiday tradition. Set an example of what the Christmas season is really all about–acts of love, kindness, giving, and selflessness–and adopt that example as a way of life for your household in 2010 and beyond. On behalf of Black Enterprise and the Graves family, I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and a New Year of realized hopes and prosperity.