BE Modern Man Spotlights - Finance Buffs: Meet Dominique Brown

[The Finance Buffs] Meet Dominique Brown

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Finance Buffs - Dominique Brown
Dominique Brown, S&D Capital Financial Services

Name: Dominique Brown

Profession: My profession is Financial Planner by industry standards, but I call myself a financial dream maker. I make sense of your dollars so you can get the life you deserve.

Age: 31

I have contributed to my industry by: actually educating my clients on how to make better financial decisions and showing them that wishing is not enough. You have to have S.M.A.R.T. goals, a plan to achieve those goals, implementation and accountability.

A self-made millionaire, Dominique Brown is a financial dream maker who has been helping hundreds of millennials and small businesses overcome their financial roadblocks to get to financial freedom. The owner of S&D Capital Holdings, Brown is living by example as he practices what he preaches through his “debt-to-riches” methods which helps clients with their financial planning and goal setting.

Raised in West Philadelphia by a single mother, Brown never let his family tribulations hold him back from pursuing his goals and dreams. “Despite humble beginnings and being just like a lot of African American men, who grew up in the inner city, I was able to become a millionaire by 30 and financially independent by 31 through the same techniques I teach my clients,” Brown tells BE Modern Man. “We live in a world of quick gratification and in-authenticity that I think my no-nonsense approach to life and finances makes me stand out.”

Inspired by his mother, Brown uses her example of hard work and dedication to not only educate himself but to help others in the process of reaching financial freedom. “90% of my clients are African American millennials,” says Brown. “By educating them on benefits of financial planning, savings and investing I am directly contributing to making up the wealth gap.”

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