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The Future Of Black Business

the jobs created by black companies are filled by black people. That may seem insignificant if you limit your faith in the potential of black entrepreneurship to mom-and-pop operations with only a handful of employees, if any. But if you up the scale to revenues of $1 billion, that not only means significant wealth for those who have equity in the company, but also 8,500 potential jobs for black communities that continue to cope with disproportionate levels of unemployment.

This is why supporting and building profitable competitive black-owned businesses, principle No. 8 of BE’s Declaration of Financial Empowerment, is an indispensable component of creating multigenerational wealth for all African Americans. We are on the threshold of a new era for black business, one that demands that we raise our sights and expectations even higher. Let’s claim and embrace the future of black business, with this issue of BE as inspiration and further evidence that there is no objective in the universe that is truly beyond our grasp.