The Highest Paid African American Athletes
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The Highest-Paid Black Athletes

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Kobe Bryant earned another title in NBA history by earning his 6,000th game assist.

Kobe Bryant

Pay: $61.5 million

Sport: Basketball

Raking in $61.5 million this year, Kobe Bryant is one of the NBA’s all-time postseason scorers and regular season scorers, and one of the best basketball players to ever rule the court. Similar to LeBron James, Bryant also joined the league straight out of high school. The basketball legend has played for the Los Angeles Lakers his entire 18-year career, winning an astounding five NBA championships. Since the second year of his career, in 1997, he has been selected to start every All-Star Game. He also became the youngest player, at age 34, to reach 30,000 career points. Bryant has won countless awards and is often compared by basketball fans to Michael Jordan.