The Historic Rise of the Blerd

The Historic Rise of the Blerd

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Blerd. Doesn’t that just have a nice ring to it? While many may think the term to describe Black nerds is a new-age description, there ain’t nothing new about it!

Eric Deggans‘ 2012 NPR story “Move Over Urkel, There Are New ‘Blerds’ Around” brought the word to the forefront of people’s mind (and lexicon), but it’s been around for awhile. Here, The Root takes a look at the blerd through history:

Lucas Santomee

The widely-known physician was known for his love of medical puns. Lucas Santomee had a timeless sense of humor, coining the word “plastered.” It came from one of his favorites: “Did you hear about the doctor who was drinking while setting a cast? He got plastered!

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