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The House Always Wins

monetary target has been set, Barden hopes to raise at least $1 million in the African American community alone.

According to Gephardt, Barden was one of Bill Clinton’s best fund-raisers during his campaign. “Don started as a small businessman and has become a powerhouse in American business,” Gephardt said. &quo
t;Don’s success is a direct result of his sharp intellect and his dedicated work ethic. Hopefully, a little of that will rub off on me.”

Whether expanding operations, mapping growth strategies, or identifying new sources of income, Barden Companies is showing the flexibility, innovation, and savvy it takes to flourish — in good times and bad. As chance would have it, the following day’s rain kept the CEO from the driving range. While luck may be a factor when it comes to golfing, business is a game where Don Barden leaves nothing to chance.