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The Last Stand: Presidential Debate #3

withhold life-saving treatment to an infant. He explains, once again, why he along with other pro-choice senators voted against the ban. He says there was already a law on the Illinois books which required life-saving treatment to infants. Obama wants to find common ground on the issue because he says it is an issue that divides us. Obama wants to reduce unintended pregnancies and improve adoption. He said nobody is pro-Abortion and believes it is always a tradegy.

9:58pm – Healthcare for Joe “The Plumber”

McCain appeals to the regular “Joe.” He wants to give every American family $5000 credit for healthcare. Obama says he will exempt Jo’s small business from having to pay health insurance to his employees. But he says that if Jo wants to do the right thing for his employees than they can get goverment sponsored healthcare. Obama attacks McCain’s plan by pointing out that the average healthcare plan costs $12,000 but Mccain is only offering $5000. McCain says that with his plan people can go where they want to go for healthcare and they don’t have to look to Obama to choose their healthcare. He says they will have affordabiilty and availability. Obama deploys his counter attack. He said McCain’s plan could lead to the unraveling of the employer-based healthcare system.

9:48 pm – Schieffer Wants Specifics

Schieffer wants the candidates to give specifics about how America will become independent of foreign oil.

In 10 years we can reduce our dependence from Venezuela says Obama. He says we are mortgaging our children’s future. We need to expand domestic production. Obama tells oil companies if you don’t use the 68 million acres they own then they should lose them. Obama believes in free trade but he doesn’t believe that just any trade agreement is a good trade agreement.

McCain says he honors Obama’s eloquence, but then he turns around and insults Obama.

9:41pm – Running Mates

The moderator asks why would your running mate be better as president than your opponents running mate.

Obama says that Joe biden’s entire life he has not forgotten where he came from. “He has always made sure that he is fighting for working families. He and I both agree that we will have to reprioritize and invest in American people,” says Obama. Together, Obama says that he and Biden will not give tax cuts to big business and get serious about energy independence. Obama says that on the key issues Biden has always been on the right side.

McCain says that Sarah Palin is a role model and a reformer. He says that she has given money back to the tax payers and cut the size of the government. She relieves energy needs of the country. McCain describes Palin as a breath of fresh air. He says that he is proud of her and her family

When asked if Palin is