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The Next Big Thing

up-to-date on the high-tech advances enjoyed by her competitors. She’s also invested in classes to learn how to use accounting, management, and drawing software tailor-made for the interior design industry. But it’s her changed outlook that she believes will really help her soar.

After a “horrendous management experience” with her last employer, Myers spent the last five months on a spiritual journey, learning what mistakes she won’t make again and focusing on what will bring her success as well as inner peace as she overcomes financial hurdles and works to expand her business. Every day, she makes sure she’s in balance, mentally, physically, and spiritually, by working out, meditating, and leaning on her positive friends for strength and encouragement.

“I started writing a gratitude journal,” she says. “The second I did that I got out of my downward spiral and started being thankful for everything that I do  have–my friends, my good reputation with clients–it changed the trajectory of my life.”


Word on the street is that diet fads are a thing of the past, healthy foods are becoming even healthier, and your typical spa and spa treatments can no longer be categorized in the same way.

Health experts say you should look for an increase in genetically engineered foods such as fruits and vegetables that contain phytochemicals and antioxidants–supernutrients that fight disease. The next time you go to buy broccoli, you may see a stalk with added cancer-fighting antioxidants. “These foods will improve on what they already do to your body,” says Rovenia Brock, renowned nutritionist and author of Dr. Ro’s 10 Secrets to Livin’ Healthy (Bantam; $14). “They’re already peaking their way in health-food stores.”

The health industry is so hyped about antioxidants that even cosmetic companies are catching the fever. “Cosmetic manufacturers have begun to recognize that what they create works so much better if you have the right nutrients in the body,” says Brock, who’s considering a phytochemical and antioxidant pill to sell along with a phytochemical moisturizer for the skin.

This new development certainly works in tandem with another fast-growing phenomenon: the medical spa, which is a clinic that also offers day spa services and is supervised by licensed medical professionals. Since 2000, individuals have been looking for such full-service facilities for facelifts, acupuncture, Botox injections, and massage and body treatments. Now, these institutions are no longer exotic. Before you make an appointment, make sure there is a licensed medical director on the premises. Also, contact the American Medical Association ( and research the credentials of the director and any specialists who will be performing your service.


Today, few individuals have not been touched by social networking sites. Whether it’s alumni looking to reconnect with classmates or professionals seeking employment opportunities, social networking is a viable  and growing tool. And  Desirée Rogers, president of Social Networking for Allstate Financial, is trying to capitalize on it. Rogers was charged with building and launching a social network to connect middle-market clients. “Social networking gives us an opportunity to develop a different relationship with