The Stock Market Rally Lives On. But Can It Continue? - Page 3 of 10

The Stock Market Rally Lives On. But Can It Continue?

  • Jacquette Timmons
  • President, CEO
  • Sterling Investment Management
  • New York, NY
  • “It is important to remember that any market rally or boom is a reflection of either our collective fear or optimism. So yes, the current rally will continue provided the United States government doesn’t shut down or become engaged in another war; oil prices stabilize; and private industry job growth continues unabated. But even if unforeseen political or economic factors interrupt the current market rally, there’s every reason your “personal market rally” can continue.
  • How? By making a commitment to five practices frequently abandoned at the first sign of market duress: a) Choose your investment selections based on best available information, not your feelings, b) Continue to invest in your taxable and tax-deferred portfolios using the discipline of dollar-cost-averaging, c) Match your investment strategy and products to your short- and long-term goals, d) Rebalance to take advantage of the inherent benefit of buying low and selling high, and e) Create stop-gap procedures to help you resist the temptation to let your feelings rather than your goals and what you want your money to do for you–drive your financial choices.