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The Stock Market Rally Lives On. But Can It Continue?

  • Lee Baker, CFP
  • Apex Financial Services
  • Tucker, GA
  • YES.
  • “I expect the market rally to continue over the next year for a number of reasons. First, the Federal Reserve will continue to do everything in its power to create fertile ground for the market to continue its upward trend. In addition, we will see dollars that had been sitting on the sideline last year continue getting into the game. Currently the bond market is an unappealing place to put new money due to inflation fears. As a result that leaves stocks as the most likely landing place for those dollars. The United States’ position in the global economy isn’t what it used to be but all paths still lead to (or perhaps through) America. The continuing global economic expansion will ultimately benefit domestic markets. One cautionary note: sustained upheaval in the oil producing regions could eventually put the brakes on consumer spending. This would be a result of higher prices at the pump and the grocery store.”