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The ‘Waves Games’ Is Dropping Black Boy Joy Across The Country

Black boys and men, it’s time to bring out your finest durags, as the “Waves Games” are happening all across the country.

Black male youths everywhere are unveiling their wavy textured hair in front of a crowd of fellow enthusiasts in a contest to see whose hair ripples the best.

As the trend gains a social media presence, the spectacle has Black boys and teenagers joining in fellowship as they hype up each other’s hairdos, removing their durags to show off their hard work. All types are celebrated, so long as you show up in style.


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The challenge has only gotten more serious. Competitions are held in public spaces with trophies for the declared winners. Although the guidelines for winning can be objective, the silkiness of one’s waves cannot be denied by any judge for the clearest path to victory. Those who are crowned champion often have heads that can “sink ships,” a phrase given to those whose waves are the most rippling.

The types of waves one’s hair produces also depends on their curl pattern, as deeper coils create more circles to surround one’s head. Looser curl textures can still produce waves, but the results always vary. However, the best execution comes from a consistent, accurate routine to create the traditional waves of the past. Protecting them is the ultimate rule, including the direction in which the hair should be brushed to ensure the smoothness remains intact.

While this seemingly unusual contest could be considered a joke, the effort put into Black male hair is not. Black hair in America has been historically policed and undervalued, so when a movement comes along to cherish the ability of such unique manes, it is only right to join in the fun.

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