Then & Now: Global Influencers of Color
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Then & Now: 10 Global Influencers of Color in Activism, Arts, Fashion and More

THEN: JAMES BARNOR is a pioneering Ghanaian photographer based in London. With a career spanning six decades, his street and studio photography represents themes of communities in transition, depicting Ghana moving toward independence, and London becoming a multicultural metropolis. He has been lauded as a leader in showcasing 20th century artistic expression of African life and one of the preeminent storytellers of modern African life, particularly in Ghana and the UK experience of Africans of the diaspora that could compare to the works of African American photography icon Gordon Parks.

NOW: ADRIEN VICTOR SAUVAGE is a British fashion designer, director, photographer, and second-generation Ghanaian. As a teen, he played professional basketball, before retiring at age 19, deciding to transition into the world of art and fashion. Founder of Untitled Muse, he has worked with celebrities and top brands including Dr. Martens, London’s Café Royal, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Dwyane Wade, Terry Gilliam and Mos Def. His photography collection, “This Is Not A Suit,” featured “Captains and Natives,” exploring life in Venice Beach, California, and Ghana. The series, which has been featured by U.S media companies including Esquire, Vogue, and, was described by GQ as a campaign “which challenges our notions of what it means to wear the standard uniform of men everywhere…” Since launching the photo series, Sauvage raised his profile as a reputable photographer, raised the profile of several young models including Edie Campbell.