These Black Entrepreneurs Talk Self-Care During The Pandemic

These Black Entrepreneurs Talk Self-Care During The Pandemic

As COVID-19’s devastating effects continue to impact the nation, self-care for Black people has become necessary in these trying times. According to a Psychiatric Times report, “Blacks are three times as likely to know someone who has died from COVID-19 than whites.”

 Self-care and great products go hand in hand. Meet six Black entrepreneurs who share their tips and products to help with self-care during the pandemic and beyond.

 Asha Banks, the founder of Cheer Notes– a line of inclusive greeting cards, has remained prayerful during the pandemic. 

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 “I am faithful to my morning routine of morning prayer and Bible study,” Banks disclosed. “Along with my morning routine, I reserve Sundays to unwind and tap into my interests– from being an amateur herbalist to trying new plant-based recipes.”

 12th and Viv’s Darian Cook creates luxury skincare products and home decorations that lift her loyal customers’ spirits.


 The Detroit-based business owner understands that being an entrepreneur, maintaining a family and the isolation of quarantining can be a tricky line to navigate.

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Photo Courtesy of 12th and Viv

 “Running a business and managing a toddler can be a bit much at times. However, I try to spend at least a few quiet minutes a day to myself, without my phone, without worrying about emails or preparing my to-do list. When I have more time, a hot bath, candles and a good glass of wine or cocktail always does the trick,” Cook explained.

 The stress of being in a pandemic can take its toll on the skin, but Tranice’ Warner, CEO of Glass Skin Co., offers a wide selection of vegan, cruelty-free products to put your best face forward. 

 Warner keeps her self-care routine simple. 

Warner, Cook, Harris, Stewart, Rachel, Banks, self-care, COVID-19, boss, entrepreneurs
Photo Courtesy of Glass Skin

“I have been self-isolating for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, and sometimes it helps to get outside and get some fresh air,” Warner explained. “Whenever I need a little extra self-care, I like to pick up tacos from my favorite taco spot and go to the beach or spend some time outside for the day.”

Artist and designer extraordinaire Rachel Stewart has had her jewelry featured at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. The North Carolina-native crafts exquisite home decor for the avant-garde, fashion-forward collector. 

Stewart’s self-care routine has changed drastically since the onset of COVID-19.

Warner, Cook, Harris, Stewart, Rachel, Banks, self-care, COVID-19, boss, entrepreneurs
Photo Courtesy of Rachel Stewart Art

“As an artist, I’ve always worked with my hands in all kinds of mediums, wood, paint, leather, etc., so I never grew out my nails or took care of them,” Stewart said. “Since COVID-19, I decided to grow out my nails and focus some of my creativity on them. They are long and sometimes elaborate now; I just love it.”

Tahirah Francis, the founder of Vivian Rose Men’s Care, offers luxurious, natural products for the Beard Gang. She also puts that same effort and focus on self-care for herself.

Francis gauges how she feels before she implements her self-care practice.

Photo Courtesy of Vivian Rose Men’s Care

“I practice self-care often. Most of that starts with checking in with myself and being honest with how I’m feeling. If I’m tired, I rest. I give myself grace on unfinished tasks when I feel stressed.” 

As COVID-19 reaches an astounding 25 million cases in the nation, it’s imperative that Black people, collectively, take measures to protect themselves- mentally and physically.