This CEO Knows the Secret to Franchise Success

This CEO Knows the Secret to Franchise Success

Understanding The Importance Of Networking And Connection. Building relationships create business. When someone is making a major decision of whom to do business with, they are much more comfortable doing business with someone they know, like and trust, and therefore relationships matter. Connections are keys to open doors that you cannot do on your own. I cannot stress enough to build strong relationships, no matter what kind of business you have.

Secure Adequate Amount Of Funding: Yes, you’ve guessed it–it takes money to make money! Just like any other business, a franchisee must finance the startup costs of running a new franchise. Therefore, the franchisee’s startup budget comes immediately into play. Some franchises are distinctly more expensive to start than others, such as opening up a restaurant versus a car wash. Most franchises typically are not in the position to take on investors for financing but there are other sources available, such as low interest personal loans and credit cards if you have good credit.

A franchisee can also get small business loans or grants, approach friends and family who see your vision and want to help you get off the ground. There are many options for a franchisee seeking funding, some are more obvious than others, and so do your due diligence in research, asking questions, and understanding the process from end-to-end. You can always start with your local Small Business Administration.

Touting 30 years of entrepreneurship, Brian is the brains behind RICHBOI (Really Interested & Caring How Businesses Operate Internally), a fully interactive business educational and business referral program where new and existing business owners and professionals can get help and guidance for their next level of success. Always giving back to fellow entrepreneurs, rising entrepreneurs, or standing strong as a community advocate, Joubert says, “I wholeheartedly believe to whom much is given, much is required. Therefore, I’ve always been a giver remembering that someone threw me a rope when I was trying to climb up. So now it’s my turn to throw the rope back down. When you have a certain amount of success and have lived many of your dreams and desires, something in you automatically makes you want to see others prosper and succeed.”

His mission is to bring communities together, especially the black communities as he believes we’re still falling below standards in the areas of finance and business: “We will NEVER be a force in society if we don’t master money and ownership.” This is why he launched his youth entrepreneur platform that helps kids to learn finance, taxes and entrepreneurship. The MOCC Movement (Men Of Collaborative Change) brings black men together to strengthen communities, and be a thriving support system for one another.

Joubert has several speaking engagements lined up including kicking off my 20 Reasons Why You’re Not Successful tour for potential, new and existing entrepreneurs in Atlanta on Feb. 28th at the APEX Museum. This year, he will be hosting several book signings for three published works.

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