This Millennial Publicist Is Inspiring Others To Create Their Own Opportunities

This Millennial Publicist is Inspiring Others to Create Their Own Opportunities

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Lindsey Walker is a woman of many facets. She’s a social media influencer, CEO, and lead publicist of PR Mentality L.L.C. She’s also a tastemaker in the digital marketing and public relations space. In addition to running her PR firm, she is also the founder of the PR Girls Do It Better Movement, a community where public relations students, entry-level public relations professionals, and women in business gain valuable tools and insight on how to market, brand, and grow their businesses.

A Rough Start


Things didn’t always start out so smoothly upon Walker’s graduating magna cum laude from Jackson State University. She holds degrees in mass communications and marketing. “I applied for over 100 jobs, and no one would hire me. I became frustrated, but I was determined to work in my industry,” says Walker.

She then decided she would hire herself and launched PR Mentality. Walker’s firm takes the guesswork out of getting media exposure by creating a customized strategy and campaign for each client on the roster. Her firm also coordinates various events including movie screenings, media brunches, and conferences.

Walker also coaches brands one-on-one to help them with their brand vision and positioning themselves in their industry.

“I take a look at where they are, where they want to go, and who their competition is. I’ve helped nearly 100 brands maximize their exposure, increase awareness, and put them in front of their target audience and influencers to increase their bottom line,” she says.

A Steady Clientele


PR Mentality has maintained steady clientele since its inception. The firm works with a  variety of industries, with small brands and startups, as well as with companies that have been in business for over 20 years.

“PR Mentality specializes in working with female entrepreneurs in the beauty, film, and entertainment industries,” she says. “I’ve been blessed to work alongside brands such as Interscope Records, and celebrity clientele.”

She wants budding entrepreneurs to understand that running a successful business doesn’t happen overnight, and although cliché, it does take hard work and trial and error. “Public relations is a tool to help expose your business to the masses, and it can be perfect for increasing awareness, but it takes time. Working with a publicist you can trust, can take your brand to the next level. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. What you give and the energy that you possess will manifest itself in your business,” she advises.

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