6 Deadly Sins of Ineffective Bosses

6 Deadly Sins of Ineffective Bosses

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We’ve all probably read, heard or been real-life participants in stories of the boss from hell. From the micromanager who likes to be over your shoulder at every step of a project to the aggressive head-bully-in-charge, some managers and supervisors have no clue what it means to be an effective leader. There are boundaries often crossed that can lead to major breakdowns in team morale and productivity. Well, Forbes takes this notion even further, detailing six lines your boss should never cross, based on insights from Allison & Taylor, a reference and background checking firm:

Your boss makes references to your salary in front of other staff. The Allison & Taylor consultants say this is private and confidential information, and other employees don’t need to know what you’re being paid. Whether the boss is saying, ‘I don’t pay you enough,’ or ‘I pay you too much,’ this kind of comment can lead to resentment among colleagues.

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