Got Virtual Workers? Here's How to Manage Them

Got Virtual Workers? Here’s How to Manage Them

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Many professionals work remote, providing a cost-saving option for entrepreneurs and CEOs. Using tech tools that allow for meetings, projects and virtual interaction, employees can remain connected without being in an office or sitting a cube.

But how do you manage people who might be in different parts of a city or even the world? Without proper management, the whole premise of ease in having virtual workers becomes quite moot. If you’re challenged with overseeing workers who aren’t in the office, try this strategy:

Establish clear roles and responsibilities. When employees aren’t present in the office, it’s especially important to agree upon clear roles and responsibilities anchored in the company’s vision. A great starting point is letting the employee establish a list of each day’s essentials that define her role with the company. While this is a rather easy task, it’s often neglected and assumed to be clear.

Create aligned goals. Any strategic plan begins with clear goals. Project management software, such as Basecamp, is great for creating overall visibility of goals. Find software that allows you to comment and have discussions online so the employee working remotely has a resource to stay up-to-date.