5 Ways to Make it Past Job Probation Period

Cube Newbie: 5 Surefire Ways to Make it Past Probation

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It’s official. You’ve finally scored your first gig post graduation —or after a lengthy unemployment period— and you think, “This is it. I’ve finally made it.” You breathe easy and feel a little at ease having relinquished the stress of not knowing where your next check was coming from.

But, don’t get too comfortable too soon. For the first few months of your employment, you’ll be under a microscope as your employer makes sure they made the right choice. Here are four surefire mistakes to avoid during that probation period so you won’t have to rejoin the job-seeker pool any time soon:

Tardy for the party: This may seem like a no-brainer but oftentimes, things happen. Just be sure those things don’t hinder you from being at work on time. Whether it’s traffic delays or family issues, be sure to account that extra time to get to work not only on time, but early. True, you could have a valid — or not-so-valid— excuse, but no supervisor or manager worth their salt wants to hear it.

Resume lies… and no alibis: Resumes are seen as legal documents of your experience, skills and background. It’s very vital that you’re straight forward about your skills, abilities and accomplishments. You’d hate to get caught slipping when your boss asks you about a colleague at a college you never graduated from (or even attended) or from a company where you didn’t excel. Keep it real and be the best you you can be.

Incompetent much?: With a glossy resume and awesome interview, candidates are able to convince employers about abilities that they may or may not have. Unless you are able to learn skills quickly, being unable to perform certain duties on the job can lead to termination. Be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses, learn from a peer on how to navigate the company or position, and take some extra courses on your own to give you that extra edge.

Mi [insert office equipment here] es su …??? : It may be tempting to spend hours on the phone bragging about your new gig or use office printers for your side hustle’s promo fliers, but misusing company resources is definitely a way to ensure you end up back on the unemployment line. If you didn’t pay for it, it’s not for your personal use. Even if you see others doing it, just stay away from the temptation—especially that urge to take supplies or company goodies home with you for your office.