7 Ways To Show Your Value Beyond Social Media

7 Ways To Show Your Value Beyond Social Media

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Almost all careers now place an emphasis on personally branding yourself, and in conjunction with this increasing your social media presence for better visibility. Whether or not you are falling into the hype of it all social media has become a key indicator of a persons value. Who a persons know, what they say and how engaged they are tell a story about who they are. The line between work life and personal life are blurred with everything posted a basic free for all who choose to partake. So when did your social media presence equal personal branding, and does it have to? Glenn Llopis, a contributor for Forbes, has some alternatives for showing the value of your life outside of social media.

Don’t  rely solely on social Media to define your self-worth: Take the same amount of time that you are using to build your online credibility and channel an equal strategic effort in the offline world.   Balance is the key.   Engage responsibly.   Use social media to build and enable your offline relevancy.   How people experience your perceptual value in the online world must be the same if not better in the real world.

People will value you more if they can believe you are just as impressive in person.

You only have so much time, so manage it wisely and think about the bigger picture impact you can create.   In the end, this is what is really valued.

Don’t compare yourself to others: People who don’t have a good sense of their own self-worth tend to waste their time comparing themselves to others — rather than focusing on how their unique talents can give them a competitive advantage.   As such, whenever you compare yourself to others, you risk losing your identity and further minimizing your value.

The potential for innovation in the workplace weakens as people continue to brand themselves with other people’s content.   Instead, focus on spending your time developing the skill-sets and characteristics that naturally lie within your uniqueness into roles & responsibilities that will allow your inherent talent to flourish.   Be original and create your own platform. The key is how you — and you alone — convert your lemons into lemonade.

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