4 Young Professionals Dish on Finding Success
Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

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Julian Starks, creative diretor, Demeanor Clothing (Image: File)

Julian Starks
Pill Collection
Creative Director,
Demeanor Clothing

Turning boredom into bossmove: Chasing our dreams and following our passion really takes a lot of faith and is actually a really scary thing to do.For me, I had a good job, making good money as a budget analyst but I was unfulfilled. I was bored at work and really dreaded going in. I reached a point where I simply decided that I had to ‘go for it’ which meant I needed to share my artwork, so I built a website and began to share my art on various social media sites.

On turning passion into profit: Do your research. It’s important to know if you can actually make money off your passion. Search on Google, so you’ll have an answer. I knew that I could make money off of art one way or another. I could sell paintings/prints, apparel and accessories, or I could freelance. I do all three.

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