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Black Enterprise magazine Fall 2019 issue

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Yodit Gebreyes, owner, Favored by Yodit (Image: File)

Yodit Gebreyes
Event Planner
Owner, Favored by Yodit

Money and market motivations: I’ve been planning special events and nightclub parties for over seven years and I love the rush of managing the multiple aspects of any event.

When the down turn in the economy hit and the entry to the nightlife market was easy it almost felt as if everyone wanted to become a “promoter” thanks to social media, so I figured I would take a risk and try something new. The first thing I did was research on possible business ideas I would want to venture out in. For months I looked at trends, the market and literally wrote multiple business plans to see what idea would make the most sense financially and independently. One point that stuck with me while doing research was the idea of “growing with your target market.”

It spoke to me; the same clientele that contacted me for VIP table service and getting on the guest lists for events were asking me for advice on wedding venues and planning ideas for their corporate/private events. So it just clicked! And the idea of Favored by Yodit Event Planning was born.

Test of wills: I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and see if I could really do it. I always had a passion for event planning, but I never thought of actually making a full-time career into designing weddings and special events. When I realized there was a huge demand for the services … I had the tools, the knowledge, and the connections so all there was left to do was evaluate my situation, plan next steps and just do it

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