Top 5 Highest Banking Crowdfunding Campaigns

No. 3: The Ouya Video Game Console
Funds Raised: $8.5 Million

The Ouya is a microconsole running its own version of the Android operating system. The project was founded by Julie Uhrman in 2012. Development was funded via Kickstarter, raising $8.5 million and becoming the website’s second-highest-earning project in its history. Units started to ship to Kickstarter backers on March 28, 2013. The console was released to the general public on June 25, 2013, and features an exclusive Ouya store for applications and games designed specifically for the Ouya platform, of which the majority is casual games. The Ouya is classified as part of the eight generation of video game consoles and as such is a rival competing against PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii.