Top Reasons Workers Leave Their Jobs

Top Reasons Workers Leave Their Jobs

While quitting a job isn’t always the ideal option for some professionals, studies show that more workers are taking the bold step in an effort to find a place of employment that better suits their needs and lifestyle.

In January, nearly 2.8 million employees voluntarily quit their job, which is up 17 percent from the year before. According to a recent survey released by EY, the top three reasons why an employee quits in North America, Europe and Asia are minimal wage growth, a lack of advancement opportunities and excessive overtime. Of the 9,700 full-time employees surveyed, 71 percent also said they will quit a job if the company does not encourage teamwork, 65 percent said they will quit if their boss does not offer telecommuting and 67 percent said they will quit if they feel they will be penalized for opting for a flexible work schedule.

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In addition to minimal wage growth, little flexibility and lack of advancement opportunities, more than half of the survey participants also said they would leave a job if there was limited access to mentors and few senior managers who are juggling busy family lives. In an interview with, executive leadership consultant Curtis Odom, Ed.D talked about the importance of work/life balance to millennials and the need for companies to create an environment that’s understanding of workers personal and professional lives.

With a workforce that’s struggling to address the needs of multiple generations, an understanding and flexible work environment will help employees of all ages feel welcome.