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Trail Mix: Part II

want to make sure you have people available, getting on the news to offer something else so it’s not like a one-week long TV ad for one candidate.” “The Republicans will primarily focus on foreign policy issues because that’s been their strong suit so far,” Tanner adds. “But if the Democratic vice presidential candidate is someone without a lot of experience they will undoubtedly play that up as well and say this is an inexperienced ticket. They’ll take just enough pot shots to make sure their viewpoint gets out on this.”

They undoubtedly also hope to focus voters’ attention on the Republican National Convention that will take place in Minnesota the following week. Rumor has it that McCain plans to announce who his running mate will be on August 29, which is also the candidate’s 72nd birthday.

Earlier this week, the two campaigns agreed on a debate schedule. The presidential candidates will debate foreign policy and national security on Sept. 26, answer questions from the audience and the Internet in a Town Hall format on Oct.7, and then on Oct. 15, debate domestic and economic policy.