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Traveling light-years

data card slides into a PC’s card slot and runs on 3G phone networks. By using the card, travelers avoid airport Wi-Fi fees. But there is a fee for the card, and users will need a 3G phone for the access to work. Sprint’s mobile broadband service is about $60 a month, while Cingular’s Data Connect program ranges from $19.99 to $44.99.

According to iPass, the average airport location generated about 3,000 wireless sessions in late 2006: 100 times more than the average hotel or café. The study also shows that the average airport wireless session was 41 minutes. As demand for free wireless grows, Wi-Fi users might soon be able to take their money and spend it on a latte instead.


1 Atlanta – Hartsfield ATL Boingo $7.95
Concourse $7.95
SprintPCS $9.95
T-Mobile $9.95
2 Chicago O’ Hare ORD Concourse $6.95
Boingo $7.95
3 Los Angeles LAX Boingo $7.95
4 Dallas – Fort Worth DFW T-Mobile $9.99
Boingo $7.95
5 Las Vegas – McCarran LAS FREE  
6 Denver Int. Airport DFW AT&T $7.95
Boingo $7.95
7 Phoenix – Sky Harbor PHX FREE  
8 New York – JFK Concourse $7.95
Boingo $7.95
JetBlue FREE
9 Houston – George Bush IAH SprintPCS $9.95
Boingo $7.95
10 Minneapolis – St. Paul MSP Concourse $6.95
Boingo $7.95