Trump Backed Congressional Candidate Vernon Jones Throws Tantrum -- Storms Out Of Event Because Of Speaking Order
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Trump Backed Congressional Candidate Vernon Jones Throws Tantrum — Storms Out Of Event Because Of Speaking Order

Vernon Jones speaks at an event in Jackson Country, GA before walking out due to the speaking order. (Image: Twitter)

Georgia Congressional candidate Vernon Jones angrily stormed out of a political event in Jackson Country Saturday frustrated by the speaking order.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein uploaded a video on Twitter showing Jones talking before arguing with someone off-screen about the speaking order of the event before walking out.

According to Newsweek, Jones was told he would be speaking second at the event but was instead slotted to talk before his GOP opponent Mike Collins.

Jones did not take the change well, commenting on the situation as soon as he hit the stage.

“I came here because I’m sincere, I came here because I’m a fighter, I came here to earn your support,” Jones says in the video. “But I’m not going to be subjected to politricks. Now I was selected to be the second person; Mike Collins was supposed to go first; you are now trying to change it.”

The host, who is off-camera, cuts Jones off before the two begin speaking over each other. Jones eventually stops, and the host says he’s more than an hour behind and urges Jones to speak.

“As I said, they’re playing politricks because Mike, he wants to go second, everywhere he goes, he attacks me after the fact, and I never get a chance to respond, I’m not going to play that game.”

Jones went on to say that the event’s organizers tried to persuade his campaign manager to draw names out of a hat to determine the speaking order. After reiterating his point several times, Jones put the mic down and left.

In an email he sent to Newsweek after the event, Jones claimed Collins “is the Democrats and liberal Atlanta Journal & Constitution [sic] Greg Bluestein’s preferred candidate.”

Jones has made several headlines over the past year. Last year, he was in the Georgia House of Representatives as a Democrat when he announced he was changing his party affiliation to Republican at an event on Jan. 6, the same day as the Capitol Riot.

Last month, Jones announced he was dropping out of the governor’s race to run for Congress in Georgia’s 10th District. Several hours after making the announcement, Trump endorsed him.