Understand Your DNA and More With This SelfDecode Test Kit
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Understand Your DNA and More With This SelfDecode Test Kit

SelfDecode DNA Test Kit

Who hasn’t wondered about their family history?

Technology has made tracing your family history easier than ever before and has revealed fascinating tidbits along the way. More than just that, learning one’s family history can be beneficial when determining predisposed health issues entrenched in one’s DNA.

Today, discovering one’s DNA has never been easier, and The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit is one of the best in its category. For a limited time, you can purchase the kit along with a 1-year subscription for just $89. That’s a savings of 54% from its MSRP ($196).

Simply put, SelfDecode’s saliva DNA kit is an at-home DNA test that goes beyond your 23 chromosomes to provide personalized health insights based on your genetic profile. It doesn’t provide ancestry information within the reports. To collect your DNA, all you have to do is spit into the provided tube and send it off via a prepaid shipping label.

The one-year subscription provides users with comprehensive health reports, allowing users to get a better gauge of their blood pressure, gut issues, mood, and more. The technology used is backed by scientific research. Also included with the one-year subscription are personal health reports and traits, unlimited access to health tools, such as a regimen builder and lab analyzer. Your DNA is 100% protected and will never be shared.

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The Complete SelfDecode DNA Test Kit has an accuracy rate of 99.7%, and samples are sent to a CLIA-certified lab.

Transcription of one’s DNA can yield positive benefits to one’s health goals, as well as enable you to take the right steps to prevent any issues that could arise in the future. Purchase this product today and give your health the attention it deserves.

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