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Up the Ante on Your Web Presence

clients invest in accountable branding and advertising, says companies that narrow their focus to a specific geographical area tend to get the best search engines. A day spa with two Manhattan locations, for example, should use specific keywords that target its customer base, such as “Manhattan Day Spa” or “Day Spa Upper West Side.”

“Rather than trying to hit everyone everywhere, focus on your past, current and potential clients within a certain area,” says Alvarez. “The end result will not only be a higher search engine ranking, but also a much better ROI from your overall Web strategy.”

Top 10 Positive Search Engine Ranking Factors

1.    Keyword use in the title tag
2.    Anchor text of an inbound link
3.    Global link popularity of site
4.    Age of site
5.    Link popularity within the site’s internal link structure
6.    Topical relevance of inbound links to site
7.    Link popularity of site in topical community
8.    Keyword use in body text
9.    Global link popularity of linking site
10.    Topical relationship of linking site

Source:  SEOMoz.org

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