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Wall Street Project Presents Plan to Fix the Economy

are decimating community services, including education and the arts. We must commit to renewing our decaying infrastructure, creating a range of well-paying jobs in the process. We also need to create green jobs and green businesses, and support organizations providing green solutions to protect our environment.

9. Support the employee free choice act

We must urge Congress to protect the right to organize by immediately passing the Employee Free Choice Act legislation. The Act evens the playing field for employees seeking to join unions and for unions seeking to organize nonunion workers.

10. Investigate the crimes behind the crisis

The Madoff affair is just the tip of the iceberg. We need a national Blue Ribbon Presidential Commission with subpoena power to investigate the pervasive fraud and manipulations behind the crisis. The commission must make recommendations to the Justice Department to strengthen weakened laws and prosecute wrongdoers. We need a jail-out as well as a bailout.