WATCH: On the Front Lines of Occupy Wall Street - Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

Wall Street protesters take to the streets of Manhattan's Financial District (Image: Janel Martinez)

The Occupy Wall Street movement, which started Sept. 17, is approaching its third week, gaining tremendous momentum with protests popping up outside of its breeding grounds in New York City.  Cities such as Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Memphis, Tenn., and the District of Columbia are seeing Occupy Wall Street-styled demonstrations. Starting with only a few dozen protesters, the cause has grown to include thousands of people who too want to show their disapproval of corporate greed, unemployment, and unfair economic practices, among other things. ventured to Manhattan’s Financial District to speak to Wall Street occupiers, labor union members, business professionals and everyday New Yorkers about what they think needs to be done and why Wall Street should pay up.


Reporting by Janell Hazelwood; Additional reporting, production and editing by Melissa Johnson