WATCH: Undercovers’ Steven and Samantha Bloom

NBC’s Undercovers, the new romantic/spy series starring Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as husband and wife undercover intelligence agents Steven and Samantha Bloom, premieres Wednesday, September 22, at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST. Steven and Samantha, retired to civilian life and co-owners of a burgeoning restaurant and catering business, are coaxed out of retirement and now must defend each other and their marriage, as well as our national security.

Kodjoe was among the celebrities in attendance at the 2010 Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge and was a bonus guest at a special screening of the trailer of NBC’s The Event starring Blair Underwood, who was interviewed by Black Enterprise Editor-in-Chief Derek Dingle. Kodjoe, who was raised in Germany and speaks several languages, also spoke with Dingle about his Undercovers role as a multilingual, international spy: “[Steven Bloom] is closer to who I really I am than any other role I’ve played.”