Webinar Teaches Entrepreneurs to Raise Money From Investors, Accelerators, and Family

Accessing capital money to start, grow, and build a business is major challenge. Helping entrepreneurs better understand how to raise money is the upcoming webinar, Small Business and Non-Profit Funding, this Saturday, July 16th. The webinar will be led by BlackEnterprise.com contributor, Chanel Martin, a self-described chemical engineer by trade and a beauty savant by calling.

Master Fundraiser

Martin learned from the best mentors, startup accelerators, and through experience about what it takes to obtain funding, as she has co-founded two venture capital startups funded via nontraditional means. To date, she has helped raise $40,000 from crowdfunding (i.e. IndieGoGo.com), $285,000 from investors, and nearly $300,000 in cash and services from business pitch competitions.

Savvy Businesswoman

Martin is a co-founder of two hair care companies. Myavana is the first hair care recommendation system where women can receive personalized recommendations on the right hair products, hairstyles, and local salons for their unique hair type and texture. The second enterprise is the Minute Weave, the fastest weave-styling system ever created.

A consultant on many hair and beauty projects, Chanel has earned her title as “Expert Hair Engineer.” Chanel has worked with a variety of companies in the hair and beauty space including Strength of Nature, Carol’s Daughter, Kaneka Corporation, Eden Body Works, Alikay Naturals, and more.

“People always ask me, ‘How did you win that pitch competition?’ or ‘What did you do to get investments?'” she explains. “I’ve had numerous one-on-one conversations with entrepreneurs about funding options for their business. I wanted to help those people who didn’t have the luxury of having the mentors that I had when I co-founded my first startup, Myavana.”

Winning Playbook

In the webinar, Martin will demonstrate the different ways she was able to receive funding using a combination of investments from angel investors, startup accelerators, and help from friends and family.  She also will discuss what it takes to create a winning pitch you can use in pitch competitions or to obtain investments. Attendees will also learn what it really takes to meet your crowdfunding goal. “I am pretty much giving the playbook for crowdfunding success,” she asserts.

“What really motivated me to create a webinar was when I helped raise $15,000 via crowdfunding for my newest startup, Minute Weave,” says Martin. “This was the second crowdfunding campaign where we reached our goal, and I knew that I mastered the science of getting people to give you money.”

The cost for the webinar is $49 and playback is available to those who have scheduling conflicts as well.

Take a look at her video and visit her website to learn more.