Obamacare And What It Means For Women's Health
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What “Obamacare” Means For Women’s Health

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black woman doctors officeFrom The Root

Before my election to Congress, I practiced family medicine for more than two decades. From my own experience, I know that prior to the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans suffered the health and economic consequences of a health care system that was broken. Too many women in particular paid the ultimate health and economic price.

African-American women, other ethnic-minority women, low-income women and women in rural communities were disproportionately and detrimentally affected (pdf) by the nation’s inadequate health care system. While Gov. Mitt Romney may be aware of the impact of the nation’s old health care system on women, he still vows to repeal the Affordable Care Act while offering no plans to replace it or its measures to preserve and protect the health, health care, wellness and freedom of American women.

It has been encouraging to stand by a president who will not give any ground to those who are simply out of touch with the health care needs and preferences of American women today. It is inspiring to support a president who will not cater to those who are determined to compromise women’s health, their lives and their careers by taking away from them a very basic civil liberty: the right to make their decisions about their health and health care.

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