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When Corporations Celebrate Black History Month

press release, all “after-cost” proceeds from the album sales will go to three music education programs for youth and underserved communities.

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Good thing the CD is affordable. Who’d want to pay $9.99 for classic soul albums (available at most record shops) when you can buy this haute couture special edition album for $24.99? This is a poor attempt by Nordstrom. Anyone who has gone into a record store or to Amazon.com knows these classic soul CDs are available by the truck load for a fraction of the price. Heck, even those with a little sleep insomnia have probably watched the Time Life soul music infomercials. The only redeeming aspect of this special is the donation of  after-cost proceeds to music education programs.


Share your dreams with Target this month. The national retailer is encouraging guests to “Dare, Dream, Do,” during Black History Month as part of it’s year long campaign “Dream in Color,” which celebrates diversity. What would a special occasion be without the ability to monetize it? Well at least Target’s aiming in the right direction. The retailer partnered with R&B songstress India Arie and The Black List Vol. 1 , HBO’s wildly candid series featuring notable black figures sharing their thoughts on black life in America. The DVD went on sale at the beginning of the month for $9.99. Take that Nordstrom!

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My natural love of Target may make me a little biased. But the one-stop shop is selling the Black List for a reasonable $9.99. The series is phenomenal and the price can’t be beat. This is a chance to hear how the movers and shakers of popular black culture including Harry Bellefonte, Chris Rock, and a slew of others, feel about blackness and America. Insightful indeed.


Not only does Verizon offer the most fabulously reliable wireless service (though pricey), now, you can listen to your favorite Motown hits (as if you weren’t already) on your cell phone. For Black History Month, the telecom giant partnered up with Universal Music Group to distribute the Motown sound. For a fee, you can jam to your parent’s favorite tunes or revisit your own youth. This is a great idea, except these tracks are available throughout the entire year. Pretty slick, Verizon.

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Monthly bill disputes notwithstanding, Verizon is presenting nothing new. The company created an additional channel on its Website and grouped together all the great Motown hits. The redeeming factor: Who can resist those tempting Temptations?


This month Organic Bouquet, a floral and gift delivery company with “eco-standards” gives customers an opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and Rosa Parks birthday by purchasing the Freedom Rose Bouquet. The Freedom Rose is certified sustainably grown by Veriflora, an international program that guarantees environmental protection, fair labor practices, and flower quality. Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil rights movement, embodies freedom and