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Making the Case for John McCain

McCain’s record in opposing out-of-control spending. It’s one of the main reasons the Bush administration and many fellow Republicans have frequently considered McCain a pain in the pork barrel.

The Elko (Nev.) Daily Free Press: Both men have been shirking their duties in Washington to campaign for a post no one in their right mind would want considering the current financial climate. And neither man displayed the capability of steering us around the economic iceberg ahead when they traveled back to D.C. to address the Wall Street bailout. We have chosen to ignore the theatrics and endorse the man behind the mask, the John McCain who stands up to wasteful spending and isn’t afraid to break through party lines to get the job done. (Oct. 24)

The Cincinnati Enquirer: McCain offers up his compelling biography as a war hero, his admirable candor and his centrist independence in an increasingly polarized political environment. A McCain administration would chart a wiser course on the economy than one led by his Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois. McCain’s campaign has recently found a sharp focus on economic and tax issues, allowing voters to draw clear distinctions with policies Obama would pursue. (Oct. 25)

The Arizona Republic: Nowhere else in the country do voters know John McCain like Arizonans know John McCain. Even McCain mischaracterizes his noble willingness to stand up and stand alone. He contends it is the “maverick” in him. Well, he’s wrong about that. It is the leader in him. (Oct. 25)

The Dallas Morning News: The Democrat talks about change, but only the Republican has made change happen. Only one candidate has a solid record of standing up to his own party on principle and working hand in hand with legislators from the opposing party to get things done. That candidate is John McCain, a progressive conservative we recommend. (Oct. 18)

The Tampa Tribune: McCain brings a lifetime of useful experience, including his grueling captivity in Vietnam and long Senate service. He believes in federalism, a strong defense and disciplined self-interest. (Oct. 17)

The Las Vegas Review-Journal: He has been an outspoken advocate for fiscal restraint, angering many of his colleagues by embarrassing them over their penchant for pork. Sen. McCain vows to veto any bill that includes earmarks and says he will freeze spending in many areas of the budget. (Oct. 19)

The Desert Sun (Calif.): An Obama presidency would coincide with Democratic control of both houses of Congress, meaning unfettered control of federal policy by the Democrats for at least the next two years. That is not what’s best for the country. The American people have shown election after election that they want a balanced government. (Oct. 26)

The Napa Valley (Calif.) Register: McCain has put country first, literally and figuratively, all his life. A decorated combat veteran who spent nearly six years