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Why We’re Stepping Up for Detroit

I did not remind you that no industry has done more to advance the cause of corporate diversity than the automotive industry, and GM in particular.

Our decision to bring our Entrepreneurs Conference to Detroit from May 17—20, 2009 (go to blackenterprise.com/events for more information and to register) is both a vote of confidence in the future of the city and consistent with black enterprise’s role as a catalyst for generating business opportunities for African Americans who aspire to wealth and success. Our conference will bring millions of dollars to the city’s economy. And for those displaced by auto industry layoffs, the conference represents an excellent opportunity to explore emerging entrepreneurial opportunities that will reposition them for success as the economy rebounds.

Canadian billionaire Michael Lee-Chin often points out that the Chinese symbol for crisis is also the symbol for opportunity. With that in mind, we believe that the Entrepreneurs Conference represents a chance for thousands of black entrepreneurs and businesses to get in on the ground floor of the rebirth of Detroit.