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Will Smith Possibly Considering Musical ‘Comeback’ After Oscars Slap And Marital Scandal

Will is rumored to be thinking about returning to the music scene.

Will Smith has dealt with back-to-back scandals that could be putting a halt to his acting career. As a result, the Fresh Prince is rumored to be considering a musical “comeback.”

The Emancipated actor is fresh off the heels of his wife’s memoir that revealed their yearslong separation and her undying love for the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Jada Pinkett Smith’s book came over one year after Smith stepped on stage at the Academy Awards to slap Chris Rock for making a joke about his “wife.”

Only to learn from Jada that the pair have been separated since 2017, and she had no idea why he would publicly refer to her as his “wife.” Smith is currently dipping back into his hip-hop persona by hosting his “Class of ’88” podcast, honoring a pivotal year in hip-hop history.

With the Fresh Prince having deep dives with the likes of his longtime partner Jazzy Jeff, Queen Latifah, Run-DMC, Salt N Pepa, and more, he is rumored to be thinking about returning to the music scene.

“Heck, in the rap world, slapping a guy across the face for dissing his wife isn’t seen as a crime; it’s a badge of honor,” an insider told the National Enquirer via Radar Online.

“No one holds it against him and it makes Will feel that is where he can make his comeback.”

Smith has enjoyed decades as an in-demand Hollywood actor. But his last film, Emancipation, came months after the Oscars slap and seemingly suffered on the promotion side as a result. Since the Apple TV film’s release, Smith has apparently paused his acting projects as he works to live out backlash over the Oscars slap.

But his wife’s memoir didn’t make things any better. It resurfaced chatter over her “entanglement” with singer August Alsina and let the public in on the marital woes they’ve been dealing with privately.

While Smith is known for keeping things PG as a rapper and not cursing in his songs, sources say the “Getting Jiggy With It” rapper could add some aggression to his rap style.

“Will’s changed a lot since the old days,” an insider said. “He could go a little harder with his content now that he’s been kicked in the teeth!”

Will has vowed to remain by Jada’s side and “hold it down” as she has done for him for nearly 30 years.

“We call it ‘brutiful,” Smith told a crowd last month. “It was brutal and beautiful at the same time.”

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