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Wireless Freedom

a slightly different, but easier installation process. This was just a matter of taking out the battery, attaching the antenna, and sliding the AirPort card in a slot inside the battery compartment. Once the card snapped into place, I simply put the battery back, turned over the computer and turned it on.

It turns out attaching and installing an AirPort card was that easy. In fact, my only problem was with the brackets in the iBook. They were a little hard to maneuver, and if the card isn’t properly inserted, you risk bending it.

Of course there was more to do. I still had to install the software that came with the individual AirPort cards. (The instructions suggested that I install the software before setting up the base station.) The entire process took less than an hour.

Once the AirPort cards and software were properly installed, the next step was to turn my focus to the base station. And this required only plugging it into an electrical outlet, attaching the appropriate telephone wire (Ethernet vs. dial-up) to the proper slot, and turning on the base station. I didn’t install the software that came with the base station because it was the same software that came with the AirPort cards.

To activate our wireless network, I had to go into my Applications folder, open the Utilities folder, and click on the Set Up Assistant icon. Your service provider and the type of computer you use will dictate how you set up your network. But always remember: If you need technical support, Apple has a great toll-free number (800-APL-CARE) that you can use to help walk you through the process.