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With Bebe Moore Campbell

the brain play tricks, thinking: “I’m not sick, you’re sick!” So it’s going to be a difficult struggle, but the point is to hang in there.

How do insurance companies help or hinder the process?
With this new Medicare plan, you’re going to have to look at the medication that the person is on and match that with what insurance providers will cover. And in many instances, they may not always cover the most expensive, the best, medications. They may make you go back to an earlier medication, something that you might have evolved out of and then you have to prove that this medication doesn’t work.

Do you sense our community trying to own up to the disease?
I’m finding that people are anxious to get the stigma off them because they’re looking for help and they want to talk about it. When we have forums in churches, people line up to talk. They want to know where they can go for help.