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have learned how to handle, and it’s just a matter of going in and handling it.

Your character on Grey’s Anatomy can deal with any medical situation. In real life, do you get nervous going to the doctor?
My doctor’s appointments are just that — appointments. Also, it helps to be a mom because then you’re forced to be organized. So, you open your calendar and you say, “Every April and October, these are my dentist appointments, and then I have my yearly OB/GYN in August and my physical in January.” They are appointments in the calendar so they aren’t optional. And they’re not things that have to be bad.

What about needles? Blood?
Just as afraid as anybody else. I just turn my head and hold my breath and get it over with. There’s nothing I can do about it. And that’s with anything. Doing the show sometimes, standing in front of the camera, I’m afraid. But I don’t have the option of saying, “Y’all can’t point the camera at me because I’m scared.” You hold your breath and you do your thing. So that’s how I — I’m not going to say conquer fear — but live through being afraid. —