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Women + Power = Success

Personal development and time management sessions included “Choices: A Mind, Body and Soul Workshop,” hosted by PepsiCo and “The Art of Business Entertainment,” hosted by Scripps Network.

The gathering emphasized the importance of building a solid business and personal network. “Developing strong relationships is the key to every area of our lives, but especially in our careers where teamwork is critical,” says Debra Langford, executive director of strategic sourcing and talent management for Time Warner Inc., who sat on the panel “Your Power Quotient: Maximizing Your Realm of Influence in Your Company.”

By the end of the conference, women had made contacts, exchanged numbers, and established friendships, all in an effort to join forces in helping each other get to the next level. There were laughter, tears, affirmations, standing ovations, and embraces for almost every introduction and each parting. Each woman understood the challenges of the next, and felt more empowered by the stories of triumph. But, more importantly, WPS provided them with a road map to follow. Asserts Edmondson Bell, it provided a venue “where black women can come together, learn from each other, renew our spirits, and discuss strategies to help us be successful in the work world and our lives.”