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Working Together

1. Plan for life’s unexpected interruptions by reviewing your family’s finances. It’s important to have adequate health, disability, and life insurance to weather the storm. Also contact a financial planner to discuss your options.

2. Review your family’s consumption habits. “Slow down. Get off the treadmill. If you’re moving too fast to plan, you’re moving too fast to succeed,” says Cheryl Creuzot, a certified financial planner. Create a budget for short-, mid-, and long-term goals to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

3. Learn about your family’s finances. Lack of education can lead to unnecessary financial missteps. For a no-nonsense approach to saving and investing, read Millionaire by Al Winnikoff and Wayne Wagner (Renaissance Books; $14.95).

4. Save for your children’s education now. Vehicles such as CDs, government bonds, and mutual funds are a great place to start. With as little as $25 a month (depending on the company), you can begin saving.