Wyclef's New Memoir Speaks on Lauryn Hill Affair, Haiti And Music Industry
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Wyclef Jean’s New Memoir Details His Music, Haiti and Lauryn Hill Affair


You talk about some delicate moments in different parts of this book that often include other people. Did you reach out to people to let them know they would be in your book?

I knew the most important thing was telling the truth. If I’m calling people, they are going to say “Nah, nah don’t put that in there” and then, it would be staged. I would have ended up with half of a real book.

Fans will be disappointed that you said you don’t see the Fugees getting back together to make new music. Do you ever talk to Pras or Lauryn?

I communicate with Pras frequently. Lauryn, no.

Will you run for office again in Haiti?

I learned something. If you go into politics, write A few books first so that all your dirt is out there. But seriously, I’m inspired by MLK, Belafonte, people like that. I ran for president because of the urgency–education, legislation, poverty. I’m not just here on this earth to sing and dance. 12 million Hatians voted fore me and they got scared of that so they found a way to knock me off the ballot. But they just made me more powerful than I was before.

What do you want people to take away from your book?

Triumph. We all are human. Just because you make a mistake you don’t have to off yourself. Decide for yourself. This is my immigrant. You have love, passion, betrayal, jealousy, all of this is our immigrant story. When you find your barriers, you have to figure out how to overcome them.

Speaking of moving beyond mistakes, you were very open about your numerous infidelities during your marriage. You are still in the music industry, how have you changed so that you don’t give in to that temptation anymore?

I didn’t meet my girl when I was famous and blowing up. Be careful who your spouse is. If you’re with someone who is going to read all the blogs and run with that, you married the wrong person. I always knew we would be a Bonnie and Clyde, ride or die situation. If you want to know how I’m doing, look at my woman. I’m not trying to win the “Most Faithful Guy” contest, because I would probably lose at different time periods. You know what I’m saying? A lot of people go through this. I’m in a relationship. Life is based on triumph. We triumph.